Frequently Asked Questions

Waist training has not been proven to help with stretch marks. General weight loss will reduce the size and appearance of stretch marks.
Yes many new mom’s will use the waist trainer after pregnancy but you MUST fist get clearance from your doctor. Make sure to be gentle with your fragile skin post-pregnancy and wear a soft shirt beneath the waist trainer and your skin to protect it from any possible irritation.
No highly discourage this, it is not safe for the baby.
If it is your first time waist training, this pain is absolutely normal! It will most likely feel like intense bruising, this is your body experiencing compression for the first time. The pain will go away within a week. If it persists please consult with your doctor.
The waist trainers are hand wash only – using cold water and gentle detergent. We do not advise using a washing machine for the waist trainers. For all other products follow the instructions on the tag for washing directions.
This is different for everyone as each individual will experience waist training differently. We strongly recommend purchasing two waist trainers at one time as you will most likely go down in size within 1-2 months. By purchasing two at a time you will receive a discount and you will have the smaller size ready for you as soon as you need it!
This is because it is an electronic book meaning you can download it onto any device such as a cell phone or a computer. Please follow the instructions on the tag for your copy!
Check out our YouTube Channel which has a whole playlist dedicated to waist training. Almost every question you have may be answered in one of those videos.
Yes, we have a Facebook support group for everyone who is waist training. It is a community for all the ladies who have bought Luxx Curves Waist Trainers and need a support group or would like to share their waist slimming journey. This group is open to everyone in the waist training community and is not exclusive to the Luxx Curves brand.
It is imperative that you measure yourself prior to ordering any waist trainer. The sizing can be deceptive so it is best to measure using a flexible measuring tape. Continue reading here to learn how to measure yourself.
We strive for complete customer satisfaction. International and domestic order have a different return policy, please see our complete policy here.
We now ship internationally, please see our complete shipping policy here.

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