Win a free fitness package gift this Christmas holiday with our sweepstake contest 2017!

Win a free fitness package gift this Christmas holiday with our sweepstake contest 2017!

December always seems to fly by, it’s such a busy time of the year! Coordinating dinners with family, buying gifts, volunteering at local Christmas events… it’s all very time-consuming!

This holiday, let Luxx Health treat you to a special gift! Enter our Christmas 2017 Giveaway Contest and you could win one of five fitness packages.

We’ve collaborated with some amazing brands to bring you the best fitness gear so you can kick off 2018 with a healthy start.

I’ve been able to get you guys some discounts on these products as well, if you don’t happen to win the giveaway but still wan to purchase any of the products below, just use the coupon code provided!


Each of the 5 winners will receive:

Promixx – Battery operated water bottle that will mix you protein powder, energy drink, greens powder or anything else. I absolutely LOVE this bottle because it give me the perfect consistency every single time. It’s extremely easy to use, and machine washable. Te bottle comes with a container to store your power when you’re on the go and rechargeable mixer that can be easily removed for cleaning.
(Get 10% OFF with coupon code:LOVEBACK2U )


Taylor Made Bandz – I recently get switched onto this brand when I met Taylor in LA, he introduced me to his resistance bands and I was hooked! I just knew it would be the perfect item to include in this giveaway because resistance bands can help you achieve the perky, round, booty that most women desire. They key is to have a STRONG resistance band… they aren’t easy to find! This brand is strong and stylish and I love using it at the gym. 
(Get 15% OFF with coupon code: TATIANA)

JBM International – Yoga wheel and Yoga blocks are essential when it

comes to my daily stretch routine. I absolutely believe in using yoga accessories to help alleviate back pain and improve flexibility. If you have a desk job, you need to keep these at your office to use during your lunch break. When we sit for long periods of time we aren’t using many key joints like our hip flexors, overtime they get stiff and can lead to injury.

BYX Body – Ankle cuffs can be offered at certain gyms but not every gym will provide this fitness accessory for you. These are used in combination with the cable machine. Simple pack your ankle cuffs in your gym bag and use them during your leg days. The cable machine can help you develop your gluteus medius and Maximus to develop an overall circular booty.
 (Get 20% OFF with coupon code: ULUCKY20)

Lebboulder – Do you like to lift weights? Do you love doing deadlifts? Does your grip strength hold you back from lifting heavier or completing those last few reps? Then you NEED to get these Grip straps. Unlike your traditional weight lifting straps which are hard to use and quite frankly really annoying… these straps are made in the form of gloves so they are easy to wear and provide just as much, if not more support during your workouts. (Get 15% OFF with coupon code:LAUNCH15)

Luxx Curves – I know you’ve been waiting for it… of course Im including a Luxx Curves waist belt into this giveaway. It’s the perfect fitness belt to help you maintain proper form at the gym, all the while helping you to sweat out toxins and burn that belly fat.

Trideer – I love lifting weights but hate the calluses I get on my hands after a gym session… it’s just not feminine! That’s why I use weight lifting gloves. Trideer offers two different style gloves for you to choose from and the color of your choice. So you can train in style and save your hands from damage.

Life Mastery Nutrition – If you’re exercising regularly you should probably be taking 3 common fitness supplements that will enhance your workout performance and help you get the most out of your gym sessions. CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid, this is a natural omega-based supplement that will target and burn belly fat. L-Carnitine is going to improve workout recovery and assist in fatty acid transfer. BCAA’s are branch chain amino acids, they are the building blocks of protein and are necessary for optimal muscle growth. You’ll be getting all three! 
(Get 15% OFF with coupon code: TATI )

Inspirational T-Shirt – We want to make sure you workout in style and our inspirational T-shirts will keep you motivated throughout the day! If you’re a male then you’ll receive one of Life Mastery Apparel’s T-shirts and if you’re a female you’ll receive one from Luxx Health (Luxx Health has not officially launched our apparel line yet, the winner will get a special edition t-shirt).
 (Get 15% OFF with coupon code: TATI )


So how can you enter the giveaway contest

STEP 1: Make sure you’re subscribed to Luxx Health on Youtube. CLICK HERE to subscribe now!
STEP 2: Watch the giveaway video. CLICK HERE to watch the Christmas 2017 giveaway contest video now!
STEP 3: Comment on the video as many times as you want.
STEP 4: Follow and @tatianaburee on Instagram


That’s it! Now you just have to wait until after Christmas time to find out if you won the giveaway. The winners will be announced on either Youtube, Tatiana’s Instagram or Luxx Health’s Instagram page… so make sure you receive notifications for all the pages to find out if you won!

Once winners are announced on our social media, the winners have 48 hours to email to claim their prize, if no email has been received from the winners then we will select new winners.



Merry Christmas, Dolls!


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