Mascara Application Tips

Mascara Application Tips

Are you really applying your mascara the way you’re supposed to? Keep reading to learn these mascara application tips to help improve your mascara game!

When you think about it, applying mascara isn’t too hard. You just take the package and use the wand to take some product to apply to your eyelashes. You make sure that you don’t make unnecessary movements. Erase stray strokes with a Q tip. You would be good to go, right? Well, yes and no. You may have applied mascara, but more likely you have not applied mascara the right way. If you want to look extra divine, you need the following mascara application tips:


Invest in your makeup tools

One of the best mascara application tips is to be extra careful with the products that you use. If you are going to buy mascara, make sure that you have read enough reviews to know if it is any good. Just don’t rely on the celebrity who is promoting the product and getting paid to do so. Find out the specifications of the mascara. Is it the type that would suit you, your coloring, and your lash needs? The products should also be of high quality, FDA approved and contain no irritating ingredients that could harm your eyes after prolonged usage.


Choose the right color of mascara

Mascara application tips would be for nothing if you choose the wrong color for your eyelashes. If you have light lashes, blonde or red, you must choose a light brown color for day time and dark brown mascara for night time. If, on the other hand, you have dark eyelashes, you can use dark brown mascara for day time and black mascara for added drama during the night time. By choosing the right color, you will achieve the right effect for your coloring. Most women simply choose black mascara because they want darker lashes, however this can be counter-productive if the mascara is too hard and in contrast with your skin-type. 


Make the most of an eyelash curler

An eyelash curler can do wonders for your lashes. Not only does it curl and lengthen your lashes. It also positions your lashes so that you can easily apply mascara. If you do it this way, you don’t even have to make extra maneuvers just to get the right angle. You also perform two jobs at one time. Double time is one of the best types of mascara application tips. After all, you want to save some time. Do pick a padded eyelash curler, instead of the metallic ones. Some experts – and even non-experts – have noticed that the metallic eyelash curlers tended to make lashes bend awkwardly instead of actually curl.

Use 3D fiber mascara

One way of improving your mascara game is to use 3D fiber mascara. No, there is nothing high technology by way of machines about this product. It, however, relies on a new innovation that allows a mascara wand to provide enough volume and lengthening that could rival fake lashes in a more natural way. The 3D fiber mascara comes in two tubes. One of the tubes contains the promised 3D fiber innovation. The other one seals the moisture and the luscious look. You can still use your regular mascara together with this product, but it will definitely provide you with a great option. These special mascaras range from $8 – $45 per bottle! One of the best 3D Fiber Mascaras for the lowest price is the WOW Lash 3D Fiber Mascara by Luxx Health.


Dab away mistakes as carefully as possible

You cannot afford to be sloppy with your makeup. Mascara can get smeared easily if you are not careful. One of the important mascara application tips is actually a solution to a mistake that has already been done. Using a Q tip, you can dab at the smudges that you may have made during your mascara application. Be careful not to further spread the smear.


Use lengthening mascara

When buying mascara, you have to make sure that you choose lengthening mascara, especially if you have fine, stubby lashes. You can follow all the best mascara application tips out there, but if you choose the wrong type of mascara, you may still not end up with on point makeup. Lengthening mascara does not only promise volume, but it also provides a stretchy lengthening that will make the effects more vivid and noticeable.


Use the right type of eyelash brush

The right eyelash brush will cover every centimeter or inch of eyelash. By doing this, more of your eyelashes are exposed to the product. With product applied to the whole length of lashes, further lengthening will occur. Don’t pick a brush that will allow too much product to settle on the lashes. Instead of volume and lengthening, you will get a messy, disheveled look. Even a punk rocker would like a more deliberate look than what you will end up with.


Use a bent regular mascara wand

For those of you who won’t end up crying if you see your mascara wand all bent at 90 degrees, this is for you. Among the mascara application tips here, this is one of the most practical. There is no need to buy a special brush or a special kind of mascara. You can make do with what you have – a regular mascara. The change of angle will help you distribute the product more evenly and neatly without having to perform acrobatics while applying makeup.


Pull wand out carefully

When pulling out the wand, make sure that you do it in one swift motion. This is to avoid pumping air into the tube. If air is introduced into the tube, then the product will dry quickly and will be more susceptible to bacteria. While hygienic tips may not always pop out among mascara application tips, it is still always good to be safe than sorry. Leave the edges of the tube clean at all times. Store properly. Do remember that clean is beautiful and safe.


Apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes

To make the most out of the mascara volume, apply it to both the upper and lower lashes. This is clear enough. However, use a zigzag motion to be able to fill the length of each eyelash.

Applying mascara may seem simple, and it could be. However, it is best to use the above tips as your strategy. You basically start with good product. Then, you move on to proper and clean application. You will later on develop techniques that would ensure you making the most of the mascara and other supporting tools that you need to support it.

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