Luxx Curves No Longer Offering Bonus Waist Band….

Luxx Curves No Longer Offering Bonus Waist Band….

Luxx Curves Waist Trainers are no longer offering bonus waist bands


What?? Why would we take this bonus away? We wanted to offer our clients some extra gifts with their purchase but due to the nature of our product this is no longer possible. In the USA we offer refunds for the waist trainers if they do not fit the clients. A lot of people end up ordering a size that does not fit them and our return policy for US clients indicates that as long as the product is unworn, unused condition with tags still attached and in original packaging then they can return it for another size. This means the client can only try the waist trainer on for less than 10 minutes ON TOP of clothing.

The problem is that we had hundreds of waist trainers returned in perfect condition that we could no longer sell…because the bonus waist band was not included in the return package. People were keeping the waist band and returning the waist trainer. We can not sell some waist trainers with the bonus and some without so the products got discarded so we’ve decided to no longer include the bonus in the waist trainer.

It was a good idea while it lasted…

The waist trainer will still include the bonus e-book which is DOWNLOADABLE from the link listed on the tag of the waist trainer! Please note this is not a physical book, if you wish you can print the guide once downloaded.

The bonus Luxx Curves Waist Trainer Workout Guide is all about making the most of your waist trainer but performing exercises that will help enhance your curves and develop muscle in all the right areas!

  • ♥53 illustrated pages
  • ♥30 different exercises
  • ♥Targeted exercises to help build a booty + create shape
  • ♥Bonus nutritional tips

The bonus guide is available for purchase on it’s own for $9.99 via our website or through this link:

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