How to: SUPER Long & Thick Lashes| WOW Lash 3D Fiber Mascara

How to: SUPER Long & Thick Lashes| WOW Lash 3D Fiber Mascara

Watch this Youtube video of JeweJewe Bee on how she uses 3D Fiber Mascara to take her barely-there lashes to vavavoom sexy lashes!


Jewellianna  is a Youtube sensation her channel “Jewe Jewe Bee” boasts over 61,000 followers and it provides content on hair and makeup.


Her latest video is called “How to: SUPER Long & Thick Lashes| WOW Lash 3D Fiber Mascara” and documents a how-to video to applying 3D Fiber Mascara.

She uses WOW Lash Mascara, claiming it as her favorite 3D Fiber Mascara she’s tried thus far. She loves that it comes with black fibers rather than white, and how thick it makes her lashes.



STEP 1: Apply the Transplanting Gel. Jewellianna says this is the most important step, apply a generous amount to lashes to ensure that the fibers will stick to your lashes all day long and you won’t experience any flaking. In this step Jewellianna noticed her lashes were already significantly longer, even without the fibers… Using the Transplanting Gel as a Mascara is good on it’s own for everyday use.

STEP 2: Apply the Fibers. Jewellianna gives a pro tip, apply the



fibers with one eye semi closed, as if squinting. This way no fibers will fall into your eyes…she demonstrates how in the video.


STEP 3:Seal the fibers with the transplanting gel. After every application it is essential to seal the fibers with the gel.



STEP 4: Comb out the clumps. This is optional and may not be necessary!


STEP 5: Repeat until desired length and volume have been reached.

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