DIY Setting Spray (Makeup Must Have)

DIY Setting Spray (Makeup Must Have)

Is your foundation creasing, flaking or rubbing off? You need setting spray, and you can make it yourself from the ingredients in your kitchen!

The purpose of setting spray is to make your makeup last all day long and prevent liquid foundation, powders and eyeshadows from absorbing into the skin and prevent them form transferring onto others.

You can buy setting sprays anywhere, but they can be costly and most contain added chemicals that really aren’t necessary.

You can create your own right now!

What you’ll need:

  • Sanitized spray bottle
  • Mineral water
  • Rose water
  • Aloe Verra 
  • Glycerin
  • Jojoba oil

Aloe Vera is an item that almost every household contains. It contains glycerin which the main ingredient found in almost all setting sprays. Glycerin is great to seal your makeup and is extremely hydrating. Aloe Vera is another option because most people will have this item in their household already. Aloe Vera is more readily absorbed by skin and this will take less time to dry on the face. Many prefer using Aloe Vera over Glycerin for this reason, along with the soothing properties of the gel.


Jojoba oil is a beauty hack everyone needs to know about! Do you ever experience caking foundation or even worse.. caking concealer? Use a drop of extra virgin Jojoba oil and pat it under your eyes. It will instantly decrease your concealer. This is because Jojoba oil isn’t actually an oil.. it is 97% composed of an array of liquid wax esters. Wax esters are used for moisture control, protection and their emollient properties which makes it perfect for using on top of makeup. An added bonus is that this oil is packed with vitamin E. Vitamin E works wonders for the skin. The Jojoba oil must be cold pressed and extra virgin, the under eye area is very thin and can easily absorb products through the skin and into the eye sockets. It is imperative to not put dangerous chemicals in this area. Adding Jojoba oil to the setting spray helps make this spray more effective and also more nutritious for the skin. NOTE: Do not apply any powder to the skin after using Jojoba oil or it will reverse the effects.

Rose Water has been used for many years as a facial toner on its own. It is also great to use in your setting spray as an alternative to regular water.

Rose Water Setting Spray:

1 tablespoon Glycerin or Aloe Vera
1/2 cup of Rose Water
Optional: Jojoba Oil

Mineral Water Setting Spray:

1 tablespoon Glycerin or Aloe Vera
1/2 cup of mineral water
Optional: Jojoba Oil

Shake all the ingredients together and spritz! Enjoy refreshing setting spray that will help your makeup last all day long!

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