Boxing Day Sale! All Waist Trainers 20% Off

Boxing Day Sale! All Waist Trainers 20% Off

Happy Boxing day!

In America, we have a tradition to host a sale every year, the day after Christmas! Why? Who knows, but let’s do it!

Here at Luxx Health we ensure our products are of premium materials so we can offer you comfortable waist trainers that are effective and stylish! Unlike other brands, we also like to make sure that our waist trainers are affordable so you’ll never see anything over $100 on our site. Our high cost of production and low selling price is the reason why we only offer two sales every year. Our biggest sale is on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and our second sale is Boxing Day.

December 26th, 2017 take 20% off all our products! The sale is one day only and ends at 11:59 pm PST. No coupon code is required.


Don’t know what to purchase? Let me help you decide!

You want to…

  1. Shed the belly fat – Our traditional waist trainer has helped thousands of women eliminate that lower belly pudge that’s so hard to shed. 
  2. Improve back pain – Our traditional waist trainer or 25 steel bone waist trainers offer Flexi-steel boning that sits vertically on your torso, in lign with your spine. The boning will help you maintain proper posture throughout the day and may decrease back pain. 
  3. Postpartum support – Congratulations on your baby! What an amazing gift! Not it’s time to take care of mommy. Many women suffer from Diastasis Recti which is the separation of the stomach muscles. This may leave mommy still looking pregnant 3 months after giving birth. Naturally, the body should be able to close those muscles after birth but sometimes it needs a little help. In Australia, doctors offer new mom’s free postpartum binders. Essentially they are waist trainers, they will pull in the abdomen and “train” it to stay in it’s intended position. Our traditional waist trainer can be great to help with postpartum support or even our fitness belt. Our fitness belt can be comfortably worn over clothes and with its velcro, it is easy to take on and off during the day. 
  4. Hourglass figure   Our 25 steel bone waist trainers are going to take your waist to another level. They are less stretchy and much stronger than our traditional waist trainers so they aren’t for the faint of heart. With daily use, you’ll see your waist changing within just a couple weeks! 
  5. Back fat – We all hate back fat and sometimes regular waist trainers can emphases back fat instead of concealing it. Our Full Back waist trainer is best to avoid the under bra bulge and to help kill the back fat. 
  6. Booty Lift – Do you want a perky booty? Then use our butt lifters to help you booty deft gravity! We have both long butt lifters and short butt lifters, both do wonders at lifting the booty underneath clothing. 
  7. Need a new booty – Don’t have anything to lift? Get our padded butt lifter! There’ no shame in a little extra cushioning! 
  8. Glowing skin – Have you tried our Konjac Sponge yet? What! Why not? The Konjac Sponge is made from a natural Konjac plant which was used in the past for medicinal purposes. The Konjac Sponge is literally a sponge made from this plant! It’s extremely safe and gentle on the skin, it helps you gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. I use my Konjac sponge AFTER I have washed my face, it is basically my last step in my nighttime routine because it helps me get rid of any leftover makeup and the Bamboo Charcoal helps combat acne and hyper-pigmentation. 
  9. Beer Belly – Are you male and want to shed some extra belly fat? Just like for women, our waist trainers could work for you! We have men’s waist trainers that are made from latex to help facilitate thermogenesis within the body to burn fat and they are not pre-shaped to an hourglass figure.

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