7 Mascara Tips for Short Lashes

7 Mascara Tips for Short Lashes

It can be a struggle to prep your eye makeup every morning, especially if you have short lashes. It does not mean to say that short lashes are ugly. However, it can be tough to transform them from innocent and laidback to smoky and diva-like, and we all know that there are instances in our lives when we actually want to look like a diva. So, what should you do to make your eyes pop out even with short lashes? What can you do besides stick on cumbersome false lashes?

Here are 7 mascara tips for short lashes that can help.

1. Curl your lashes before applying mascara

Mascara tips for short lashes would not be complete without lash curling included. Even before applying a coat of two of mascara, you could start perking up your lashes the natural way by curling them. Curling your lashes makes them stretch upwards a bit, creating an illusion – a good one – of lengthening. If you want to go au naturel with longer lashes, this is certainly the best and only option.

2. Use a short mascara wand

If you do have to apply mascara or any other product on your lashes, you can start off by looking for the right mascara wand. Pick a short mascara wand. That would be easy to remember: short mascara wand for short lashes. This wand is capable of covering every little inch – or centimeter – of your lashes with mascara. By covering more ground, so to speak, the shorter wand is able to produce longer-looking lashes.

3. Remove eye makeup gently

Not many lists of mascara tips for short lashes may include taking good care of what you already have. Some focus more on the fake lashes while others are concerned about the products that you apply as well as the tools that you use to apply them. However, you do have to take care of your lashes, even if you feel that they are short and stubby. When removing eye makeup, do so gently to avoid accidentally plucking off your lashes during the process. Care for those lashes as you care for the hair on your scalp.

4. Use 3D fiber lashes mascara or lengthening mascara

I think in the list of mascara tips for short lashes, people should be replacing the use of fake lashes with the use of 3D fiber lashes mascara. There is no need to suffer from itchy and definitely not natural pairs of fake lashes. The 3D fiber option helps your lashes produce both volume and length. Not only long-lashed goddesses can enjoy beautiful thickness and perfectly smoky eyes. You can also inspire your inner Aphrodite by applying 3D fiber mascara. It would be up to you how many coats you would need to achieve the look that you want and need.

You may also opt for products that are being sold as lengthening mascara. The product should specifically display the word “lengthening” as it is directly being marketed towards the population of women who felt like they needed some boost in terms of the length and volume department.

5. Repeat coating if necessary

As mentioned above, you can repeat applying the fiber lashes mascara and its combo partner, the transplanting gel. See if a coat or two would be fine, or if you can achieve the perfect lashes with more for your short lashes then that would be great, too.  If there is something totally consistent about mascara tips for short lashes then it would be that you could adjust according to your personalized needs. There are no specific numbers of coatings that will be perfect for everyone. However, it would be safe to say that one coat alone may not work for short lashes.

For regular mascara, you need to wait for the first coat to dry before adding the next one. On the other hand, with 3D fiber lash mascara, you have to apply the fiber mascara on your lashes while the gel is still wet. The gel works as a sort of seal, which somewhat freezes the lash in place. Don’t be horrified by the word “freezes”, though. It just means that the lashes are held in place, but the strands are flexible and not sticky as you might imagine cheap mascara would feel.

6. Use curved mascara brushes

Mascara tips for short lashes usually tout fake lashes as the answer to everyone’s prayers. However, they do not usually include tips on investing in cosmetic tools. Admittedly, there are those who do suggest the use of certain types of mascara wands and brushes. For mascara brushes, you have to invest in curved ones. These brushes not only allow your lashes to curve and lengthen at each stroke but they also ensure that they do not pull your lashes down.

If your lashes are pulled down, they would not have the perky look that you want. Curved mascara brushes also prevent your lashes from being saturated with product. Instead of making your lashes look longer, heavy mascara could end up messing and clumping each strand.

7. Go for no dense brushes

Another set of makeup tools that you should invest in are the no dense brushes. Dense brushes, like non-curved mascara brushes, can also weigh your lashes down. You want longer-looking lashes and not droopy, sad ones. Stubby lashes would look better than droopy ones in the first place. No dense, curved mascara brushes would then be the perfect additional investment. They should certainly make the list of mascara tips for short lashes.

The above list of mascara tips for short lashes should be enough to improve the look of stubby lashes. There is no need to go the fake lashes route. Fake ones can be so obviously fake that they can appear very unattractive. They are also heavy and uncomfortable. The list above ranges from the au naturel eyelash curling to the more devoted investment in certain products type. Whatever option you prefer, however, you should be able to improve the look and length of your lashes without going overboard.

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