6 Day Konjac Sponge Challenge (My results)

6 Day Konjac Sponge Challenge (My results)

6 Day Konjac Sponge Challenge (My results)

I wanted to test out the Konjac Sponge for myself and I took live video footage of my 6 day journey, my acne disappeared!


The Konjac Sponge is a plant that grows in Asia, it has been used for centuries as a natural medicine due to its purifying and cleansing agents. The Konjac root is a versatile plant and can be eaten as well, you may know it as the “zero calorie noodles” or perhaps you’ve seen it in supplement form as a weight loss pill. Now Luxx Health has brought the Konjac plant to North America in the form of a sponge for your skin. People are very skeptical about this little sponge because let’s be honest… it looks useless! But great things come in small packages and I decided to give this little sponge a try.

I used the sponge morning and night for 6 days (I intended to do 7 but miscounted). I recorded the whole thing live on video to share on YouTube.



Prior to using the sponge, my skin was misbehaving…I had unusual breakouts all over my face especially my cheeks and forehead. These breakouts started 3 weeks before trying the sponge… at the time, I thought it would go away on it’s own assuming it was just a random breakout but to my surprise it did not resolve itself. I resulted to the Konjac Sponge for help.

Day 1: Acne prevalent and inflamed on forehead, cheeks, creases of nose and blackheads on chin. Skin discoloration. Very read and irritated.



Day 2: Acne still prevalent. Inflammation and irritation has decreased, skin appears less red.


Day 3: Skin appears smoother and lively. Acne still prevalent. Pored minimized in size. Blackheads not visible.


Day 4: Skin discoloration resolves. Pimples have significantly decreased in size.


Day 5: Skin is smoother, acne small and no longer red.


Day 6: Almost all acne has disappeared. Skin no longer discolored. Even skin tone and smooth skin texture. No blackheads and pores small. 

My experience with the Konjac Sponge has been surprising! I made sure that it was the Sponge was the only thing I was doing differently each day so that the results could not have been related to other products. I’m very pleased with the power of this tiny sponge and I believe that the Charcoal infused is what helped clean the impurities from my skin. It is very important that our skin gets cleaned each day, especially as women, we often wear makeup that can sit in our pored for days if we do not wash thoroughly. This dirt causes skin mites to overpopulate and as a result our skins become red, itchy and blotchy. Read more about Skin Mites and your face here.





I will continue to use the sponge and I recommend it to all friends and family. It truly will work for everyone because it is 100% natural.

It is important to note that for the most part, when skin is healing and getting rid of impurities and toxins… it does so by releasing them out of the pores and thus skin will be inflamed and look even worse than prior to using the Konjac sponge. This is a temporary phase because the skin is essentially trying to remove all the impurities and start off on a clean slate. Once those impurities are removed skin will then resolve and look a lot better. In my case, this didn’t happen, my skin gradually got better but for others they may experience this sudden worsening of the skin promptly after using the sponge. In this case, don’t give up and continue using the sponge because you are so close to clearing your skin.

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