3D Fiber Mascara Reviews – 5 Best Brands Tested and Compared

3D Fiber Mascara Reviews – 5 Best Brands Tested and Compared

3D Fiber Mascara is an awesome new product, but how do you decide which one to buy? Keep reading to find out 3D Fiber Mascara reviews for 5 best selling brands!


3D Fiber Mascaras are taking the beauty world by storm, with women who barely had eyelashes posting before and after pictures all over social media platforms to prove the mascaras’ effectiveness. This mascara is now replacing false eyelashes and even eyelash extensions treatments, read more here. The mascaras are proving to be a godsend to many women with scant eyelashes or anyone who simply wants to add a dramatic look to their eyes. If you are looking for a great alternative to regular mascaras, you should definitely go for 3D fiber mascaras which provide all the definition you need for your eyelashes without clumping, smudging or flaking. Below are a few of the best 3D fiber mascaras reviews available on the market today:


1. 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from WOW Lash

WOW Lash’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is easily the top 3D Mascara on the market today. Proven to increase eyelash volume by up to 384.5 percent after one application and 2000 percent after three, this powerhouse of mascaras should be the go to option for anyone looking for natural looking lashes that last all day.This company even offers a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results.  Made of  fiber that has been reinforced with beeswax, this mascara only requires a two minute application to produce a spectacular effect that will have all your friends envious and gain you admiring looks from dreamy guys. WOW’s mascara is easy to apply and remove with soap and water and is made up of all natural ingredients that will not cause allergic reactions no matter how many times you apply the mascara. This mascara is by far the lowest price for quality and takes our #1 spot in this review list.


2. Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

This mascara comes in a kit with two items i.e. the transplanting gel which is applied over your regular mascara and natural fibers which are transposed onto the gel. Once you have applied the fibers, another coating of gel will help to seal them and hold them in place. You can use even more fibers if you want more volume or wish to create a more dramatic look. Younique’s Moonstruck mascara is a great option that can increase eyelash volume up to 3 times. However, this mascara has some negativities which include:  It takes time to apply it hence time consuming, it is expensive and it can clump your eyelashes giving you an unnatural look. Learn how to apply Fiber Mascara here.



3. Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions
Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Mascara uses 4 mm fibers that attach to your lashes to increase the volume. The Fiber Fix gel seals each fiber to your lashes to give you dramatic lengths that are likely to cause whiplash wherever you go. To complete the effect, the Fiber Fix brush catches each fiber to allow for optimal fixing as well as combing to avoid a clumpy look. This mascara is waterproof and lasts all day without flaking. However, it may be necessary to apply up to three coats before you can see the results you desire. View proper instructions here.

4. 300x 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Lash Factory

This is one of the top Lash’s Factory mascara. If you want your eyes to look more sexier and younger than normal, 300X mascara is an ideal choice for you. It is made with high quality natural ingredients which are nontoxic hence safe for your eyes. This mascara is waterproof but can be easily removed with soap and water. It causes you no mess as it is easy to apply with about 80 applications per set.
The cons for this mascara include; very high prices, drying out of hair ( eyelashes) follicle and can make your eyes tear.

5. Intalash one-step 3D Lash Mascara by Lash Factory

Do you want to lengthen your eyelashes with only a simple application? Intalash mascara will definitely suit you. If your eyes are sensitive, worry not as this mascara is made with herbal ingredients hence no harm is incuured. However, as much as this mascara is waterproof, it can cause stains in your eyes which are not easy to remove. It is dangerous if applied incorrectly especially with home appliances and can cause stiffness in your eyes.


3D fiber mascaras are the new frontier in creating voluminous eyelashes and a dramatic look that will turn heads. With a little research, you should be able to discover the right one for you, and be on your way to getting the long, dreamy eyelashes you have always dreamed of having. To view another comparison of 3D fiber mascara reviews, click here.

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