3D Fiber Lash Mascara Instructions

3D Fiber Lash Mascara Instructions

Did you buy a 3D Fiber Mascara and not receive any instructions on how to use it? Not to worry, this short article will teach you how to apply this type of mascara!


The name of the brand almost suggests an association with technology, although you do have to thank anyone for inventing this smooth creation. However, there is no need to know how to connect pieces of fiber wires to make the 3D fiber lashes mascara work. It refers to a completely different set of fiber wires, those that you won’t have problems applying to your lashes.

If you have always been at ease with applying makeup then you should not have to worry about it. You can either follow the easy instructions below or you may even read the instructions on the product itself. However, if you are needing some guidance, continue reading for this 7 step process for 3D Fiber Mascara Instructions.


1.Start off with the tubes

There will be more likely two tubes or bottles, whatever you prefer to call them. Although they basically look like the usual mascara tubes, each of them has a slightly different role to play. One of them, the longer tube, is the transplanting gel, while the other tube contains the dry fibers. The latter will be the one that will work magic on your eyelashes. The different lengths of the tubes would make things easier to distinguish one from the other, especially if you are in a hurry in the morning.

2. Curl your eyelashes

Whether or not you have long or short lashes, you will need to curl them first before applying any mascara. You can heighten the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara effect when you apply it on prepped lashes. Of course, this is part of the makeup application that you used to follow even when you were still applying regular mascara. It should not take that long to do.

3. Apply regular mascara

Just because 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is already available does not mean that you won’t get to use your regular mascara anymore. Don’t throw your tubes out just yet. Before applying the newly minted fiber lashes, you still have to apply a single coat of your regular product. There is no need to splurge on an expensive brand. Just get a regular one. Anyway, you will be using only one coat each time and the fiber mascara should be able to raise its level even if the regular mascara brand is practically unknown. This does not mean, however, that you would go for any poorly reviewed product.

4. Apply the contents of the longer tube

Then you may apply one coat of the transplanting gel, which, as mentioned above, is contained in the longer tube. Do take note that this substance is a lot more important than we would initially give it credit for. It is, after all, what seals in the effect of the fiber mascara. It is the dash of practical in the cosmetic pair-up. Make sure to apply a generous amount to your lashes.

5. Apply the fiber coat

Follow up the transplanting gel with the fibers. Again, you will need just one coat of the substance that makes 3D fiber lash mascara what it is. You have to do this while the transplanting gel is still wet. This helps the fiber mascara set in more easily, more fluidly caressing your lashes in what would feel like an artist’s stroke. It is best to apply the fibers with the eye partially shut or “squinting”. This assures that no loose fibers will fall into your eyes. An alternative solution would be to apply the fibers while sitting and looking down and hold a mirror below your face. 

6. Creating luscious lashes

After applying the contents of both the tubes, you could first use an eyelash comb to brush out the lashes. Give your lashes the shape that you want with the comb. Then, you can go through the steps with the transplanting gel and the fiber lashes mascara over again. With each application your eyelashes will grow longer and longer. 

7. Get rid of clumps

You can do this by brushing using either a dry mascara wand or an eyelash comb. While the fiber mascara does wonders, you do not really want to appear as if your eyes are about to close and your lashes about to stick together any time. In fact, more likely, you are trying to go for the thick-lashed and yet wide-eyed, innocent effect. Even if you were going for the diva smoky look, you still don’t want your eyes to look too sleepy.

You also don’t want to end up with messy-looking lashes. They may give off a completely different, unwanted vibe. Even modern, well-crafted 3D fiber lash mascara needs some trimming to make it look smoky in a non-messy, non-grunge way. Your skill with the wand is also a factor.

Enjoy the results

If you have followed the instructions well, you will end up with 3D fiber lash mascara. What exactly is that? It refers to eyelashes that become three times thicker and longer. You don’t have to worry that these lashes will fall off, either, because they are real and they just happen to be three dimensional. The product can also last for 24 hours, staying put even as you sleep.

Test it out

The very first thing, however, is to test it out. Make sure that you try out the product during the weekend. Try to master the sequencing and the strokes first before taking the challenge on during a weekday morning when you need to hurry to go to work. By setting a day to just try out the 3D fiber lashes, you would know if the product is really for you.

The above instructions are easy enough to follow. If you are a beginning makeup artist, however, you need to test the product out even more. The product is great, but may not feel like it if you are applying makeup for the very first time.

The recommended 3D Fiber Mascara of choice is WOW Lash, shown above in the photos. This mascaras is both great for beginners and for beauty makeup artists! Try it today and get yourself a free Konjac Sponge (another beauty essential)!

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