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What are Luxx Curves Waist Trainers?

Luxx Curves® is a line of body contouring garments designed to tuck in the tummy and love handles while providing strong and comfortable support to the spine. Our waist trainers serve different purposes for different people such as postpartum support, belly fat loss, back support, workout enhancement and to give an instantly slimmer appearance.

Every purchase is entitled to a free Luxx Curves Waist Training Workout Guide which is an e-book with specific exercises to target certain body parts to achieve a beautiful hourglass figure. 

Tens of thousands of woman have used Luxx Curves® waist trainers and are extremely happy with their results. We also provide a safe and private Facebook community where our Luxx Dolls can collaborate and share ideas, concerns and ask questions or post pictures! Join our #LuxxDoll family today and instantly shrink a couple inches by tomorrow!

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Luxx Traditional 11" and 14" Trainers. These trainers are great for people first starting with waist training, comfortable enough to not scare anyone away and effective enough to see great results. 11" available for small/medium torsos and 14" available for long torsos.

Recommendation: Everyone







Vest Waist Trainer. Back fat? No Problem! Our full back waist trainer helps to reduce the visible appearance of back fat so that you can wear your waist trainer under more clothing options and for longer periods of time. This trainer is the same as our traditional in regards to material, however the design is different. 

Recommendation: For those with more back fat

Workout Belt. This belt is made from a flexible material and contains velcro straps. It's adjustable and allows the user to decide on the pressure they are most comfortable with. It is exclusively made for working out and it's safe to use during all exercises as it can easily be removed.

Recommendation: For the gym

Men's waist trainer. This is a latex waist trainer designed specifically for men. It can be worn all day long including at the gym and it can help sheb stubborn belly fat.

Recommendation: For all men

Latex Waist Trainer For Women. This is a wonderful option for women who prefer the feel of a latex trainer. Unlike traditional latex trainers this one does not have the heavy smell of latex nor does it feel stiff. It's extremely flexible and comfortable. This trainer's design is special as the front of the trainer is longer than the back, this design allows for full frontal coverage.

Recommendation: For women 

25 Steel bones Waist Trainer W/Zipper. This trainer is composed of 25 bones rather than only 9. It's much more rigid and not very flexible. It's good for really shapping the body and providing extreme back support. I would recommend only wearing this for a few hours a day and plan to wear it when you're not going to be sitting for long periods. This trainer comes with a zipper to easily put on and off. It runs much smaller than the 9 bone waist trainers so beware of size.

Recommendation: For intermediate waist trainees or people who have reached their desired weight and are interested in developing the hourglass figure.

25 Steel bones Waist Trainer. This is a similar waist trainer as the previous however this trainer has the traditional waist trainer 3 rows of hook and eye closures. 

Recommendation: For intermediate waist trainees or people who have reached their desired weight and are interested more in developing the hourglass figure.

Long Butt Lifter. This butt lifter is meant to pull in the thighs and belly and lift up the butt. Great for full coverage. If client has larger thighs consider a size up.

Recommendation: For all who want the benefits of spanx plus a butt lift

Short Butt Lifter. This butt lifter feels just like wearing another pair of boy shorts. It has the same lifting power as the other butt lifters however it is easily concealable under clothing.

Recommendation: For all who want a butt lifter without extra coverage.

Butt Lifter W/Pads. This butt lifter is exclusively for the women who lack genetically in the derriere. It will add a subtle fullness to the bottom without looking exagerated. 

Recommendation: For all who who do not have much of a butt to lift, this is a great option to add some cushion and shape without looking fake.

What's To Come?

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Zipper + Hook Latex Waist Trainers

Funky colors for the Traditional Waist Trainers and 7" Length for Short Torso

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