We help women shed that stubborn lower belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous, embrace your feminity and feel confident in your body! With us, it’s not a one-stop transaction, we maintain a constant relationship with our clients, providing you the tools and support needed throughout your weight loss journey.

Hey Doll, I’m Tatiana founder of Luxx Health. Luxx Health is a brand created for the modern day woman. It’s all about innovative products that serve women in a positive way. Luxx Health was created BY a waist trainee FOR waist trainees. The act of waist training has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.

My mother and great-grandmother used to wrap their waists postpartum to help tighten up the stomach and help their bodies to bounce back into pre-pregnancy shape. They used it for 3 month periods at a time, of course, the waist trainers back then were simple pieces of long cotton cloth…but nonetheless, they did the trick!

Now, waist training has become popularized by the infamous Kardashians and other famous celebrities. Although celebrities are endorsed to promote popular waist trainer brands, Luxx Health promises to never “buy reviews” and all our testimonials, reviews and comments are from real users!

I personally have gone through almost 30 different brands of waist trainers! How is that even possible? Well for one, I really believe in waist training and secondly, all the waist trainer I used to buy would fall apart or cause irritation. The waist trainers I bought ranged from $14 to $190 and I still could not find one brand that was exceptional for long-term use. That’s when I started doing my own research on materials and cuts, designs and styles… I searched for manufacturing companies that would allow me to just create one waist trainer for my personal use. Everyone laughed at me but I finally found a nice manufacturer that allowed me to customize my own waist trainer. I started using it and felt great…soon family and friends were asking to try it! I decided to start selling it online and in a short period of time people started talking.

I never paid for any marketing, the only marketing was done through word of mouth. My clients were raving about the quality and comfort. Now, Luxx Health is expanding our product line to include different styles of waist trainers and body shapers. We now sell all over the world through our website and continue to sell on Amazon.com.

“Quality And Comfort Is Our Specialty”

What differentiates us most from other brands is that we value each client, we’re not a big corporation all about making an extra buck, we’re about making sure our clients are 100% satisfied with our product’s quality and comfort. It’s always easy to get a hold of us, we can be reached by phone, e-mail or through all social media channels if that’s easiest for you! If you have any problems, we’re here to solve them straight away.

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read this short story and thank you for trusting our brand. If you need anything please contact us via any method in the contact page of the website 🙂